Finnish Gambling Guide: Online Casinos, Current Laws

Finnish betting enthusiasts have luck on their side since the very beginning as Finland is known for its loose regulations on gambling. Technically, some land-based venues are regulated but there are no mechanisms currently in place to prevent players from joining a mobile betting app, for instance. This has made the Finnish gambling scene somewhat of a web heaven, making Finland one of the top 10 largest gambling nations in the world. And who can blame them?! If you happen to be in Finland and are eager to take up online betting, there are some new Finnish sites that you should definitely check out. 카지노사이트

Gambling tourists as well as many foreign operators all wish to take a bite out of the Finnish gambling pie, but current laws make their aspirations more than a challenging task. In this article, we will closely examine Finland’s gambling history, all regulations in 2021, and some of the best online casinos for both beginners and veterans – and I know that’s what you’re here for. So let’s get to business!

Online Gambling Laws in Finland

The year 2010 was a turning point for Finland’s gambling policies as a new law was enacted, which prohibited foreign bookmakers to use Finnish publications or outlets for advertising gambling products (casinos, mobile applications, games, etc.). This basically meant that the Finnish government had sole control over all gambling activities and what reached the public in terms of game options. The main goal of this new legislation was to keep all gambling profits in the country so foreign operators were out of luck and out of business – or to put it in gambling terms, it was “game over” for them. 안전한카지노사이트

However, Finland’s policy has a little loophole, for lack of a better word, when it comes to online gambling. All betting platforms that are controlled by foreign operators are actually available to Finnish gamblers and it’s very easy to sign up. Although proclaimed as illegal, foreign websites are not blocked and local citizens are free to place bets. Despite the government’s efforts to discourage players from joining these online platforms, legally there’s nothing they can do to stop gamblers from gambling. But how so?

The Loophole in Foreign Gambling Platforms
Finns have the European Union to thank for the lack of more strict regulations when it comes to online gambling. The Finnish laws apply only to the country of Finland and this technically means that the government can’t restrict foreign operators from accepting players from all over the world. What their legislation focuses on is marketing and advertising control.

A curious fact is that there currently exists a law that prevents foreign bookmakers from using the domain .fi. However, that has played absolutely no role in reaching the right target audience even from outside of Finland’s legal framework. Finns discover external gambling channels on a daily basis and continue to shape and support their own little gambling heaven. Even the glamour of Las Vegas has a hard time keeping up with the Nordic betting enthusiasts.

What is Veikkaus?
Veikkaus Oy is basically a gaming company, owned by the Finnish state, and it offers services in the realm of gambling. Players can take part in all sorts of betting games that fall into three categories: Lucky Games, Slot Machines and Instant Games, and Skill Games. That mostly covers all existing games under the gambling umbrella. Veikkaus’s “special mission”, as they call it, is to ensure that all betting activities happen in a safe and responsible manner.

The reputable gaming company launched in early 2017 as a result of merging the three Finnish operators that were previously ruling the betting scene – Fintoto, Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY), and Veikkaus. 카지노사이트 추천

Now the main gambling operator is property of the government and that actually has some pretty terrific benefits for the Finnish community. Believe it or not, not only does Veikkaus Oy provide thousands of jobs in an innovative working environment, but it uses its revenue for all kinds of social causes. From funding culture and sports events to supporting local youth, and investing in social welfare and health, this gaming company has adopted a great practice. The way this system works is through beneficiaries. The responsible ministries assign the necessary funds to beneficiaries and the work in their respective fields begins. It turns out that a lot of good can come out of an industry that’s mainly considered self-serving – it all boils down to the right management.

Veikkaus is the largest online betting platform in Finland and over 700 000 gambling buffs tune in weekly. Their only land-based casino is located in Helsinki, but obviously that hasn’t slowed down Finland’s general gambling traffic and revenue. The Helsinki establishment was set up back in 1991 and it’s still kicking. One more casino is said to open in Tampere, although more than 40% of all betting takes place online.

Taxes and Payment Methods for Finnish Online Casinos
The wheel fortune seems to spin in the right direction for the Finns in regards of tax collection, as well. All earnings are completely tax-free for players. If that’s not incentive enough to immediately sign up for a web betting app, I don’t know what is.

When it comes to the payment methods, Finland follows the global online gambling trends. Digital currencies are predicted to dominate the future of iGaming so naturally, one of the best payment options in Finnish online casinos is e-wallets. They are the go-to method for most Finnish players as they are super convenient, safe and offer instant transactions. In fact, some great digital wallets are owned by Finnish companies and that makes all the difference in terms of security.

Top 5 New Online Casinos in Finland

This is the moment of truth. After learning all about Finland’s irregular gambling policies, you are now ready to dive into the world of iGaming and emerge as a winner. Here is a list of new and exciting online websites that offer generous bonuses, great welcoming packages, hundreds of free spins, and most importantly – they’re open to Finnish citizens.

Skol Casino launched in early May 2021 – fresh from the oven. It’s considered completely safe to bet despite its novelty as it’s licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and all profits are 100% tax-free. The safari-themed interface is just scratching the surface on how fun it is to play one of the 2355 available slots. It’s more than easy to sign up as registration is not actually needed. You can register and deposit simultaneously by using your own Bank ID. The only payment method, however, is Trustly Pay N Play. The minimum deposit is €10 and then you can expect bonuses and free spins for as many as the first five deposits.

Another easy-to-access (no-registration) platform that rose to prominence this spring is Huikee. The target focus for this online casino is the wide selection of games and the super-fast loading time. It provides a memorable gaming experience despite its lack of welcoming bonuses. The Malta-based operator is White Hat Gambling so secure and convenient betting is ensured. Finnish players can receive top customer service in their native language though a live chat option. The minimum deposit is €20 and all money transfers are free of charge.

STS Bet is not exactly a brand-new casino. It opened its virtual doors back in the early 1990s in Poland and has gained massive popularity there. Currently, Finns can join the STS betting community under an Estonian license. Its head office is now in Malta, and the gaming platform operates in the UK, as well. Talk about market expansion! The game selection includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and the wheel of fortune, but the operators are constantly adding new games to the list. Sweet bonuses are available upon registration as well as weekly promotions of €25.

Super Seven is literally a hidden gem on the gambling market but it’s soon to be uncovered. The web platform was set up in March 2021 and it’s about to explode within the Finnish betting family as it’s entirely in the Finnish language. What’s to appealing to new users is the €100 welcome bonus money + 100 free spins on their first deposit. This makes the minimum deposit of €20 a super affordable investment. The thrilling game selection provided by the Gaming Innovation Group, in addition to the elegant design make the overall betting experience at Super Seven worthy of being top-listed.

Uberlucky is our last top pick but no for a lack of awesome bonuses. It currently operates under Curacao license which means that not all profits are tax-free for Finnish players, but the incredible welcoming bonus of €500 makes up for the platform’s little flaw. You can start betting from the comfort of your sofa, without registration, and then withdraw your winnings via Zimpler (which is the only payment method for Finns). The most popular games at Uberlucky are slots and live casino.

Now that you have examined our top list for online betting websites in Finland, and have gained some pretty useful knowledge about the various legal mechanisms at play, you are ready to begin the winning streak. Go wild but remember to always gamble responsibly!

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